4th AAAE Conference – Draft Programme

Contributed Papers Session






Amphi Cesar

Cesar 1


Theme: ICT, information, media and technology transfer

Theme: Farm efficiency  


Chair: Edward Mabaya

Chair: Susanne Väth


Determinants of agricultural commercialization among the rural poor: Role of ICT and Collective Action Initiatives and gender perspective in Kenya  

Olivier Kirui et al

Determinants of factors influencing the choice of livelihood diversification strategies among female indigenous vegetable farmers in Osun state, Nigeria

Adeolu B. Ayanwale et al


Rural media, agricultural technology adoption and productivity: evidences from small rice farmers in Burkina Faso  

Didier Alia et al

Economics of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor(L) Moench) production in bauchi local government area of Bauchi state- Nigeria

Sani, R.M et al


Impact of Information and Communication Technology-based Market Information Services on Smallholder Farm Input Use and Productivity: The Case of Kenya

Sylvester O. Ochieng et al

Evaluation of the Economic Net Benefits of the various fields found on a smallholder farming system in Vihiga-Kenya

Munialo S et al


Information Flow along Catfish Marketing Channels in Nigeria: Whither the Role of Mobile Telephony?

Animashaun, J.O et al

Estimating the efficiency of maize farmers in Ghana

Gifty Sienso et al


Analysis of Effectiveness of Modern Information and Communication Technologies on Maize Marketing Efficiency in Selected Markets of Malawi

Tione  S. E.,

Urban Demand for Smallholder Crops; the Case of Fruits and Vegetables in Nairobi, Kenya

Mary Bundi & Jonathan Nzuma


The Value of Advice: Evidence from Mobile Phone-Based Agricultural Extension

Shawn A. Cole and A. Nilesh Fernando

Assessment of the influence of attitude and benefit-risk perceptions on yield variability among smallholder peri-urban commercial kale farmers in Wangige, Kenya

Kelvin M. Shikuku et al






Cesar 4

Cesar 6

Cesar 7


Theme: Consumers and consumption

Theme: Prices, price formation and price transmission

Theme: Climate, environment, conservation


Chair: Julius Okello

Chair: Boubacar Diallo

Chair: Gbolagade Ayoola


Households’ perception and willingness to pay for bread with cassava flour

Abimbola O. Adepoju and Olaniyi O. Oyewole

The response of global agricultural supply to prices and price variability: a panel data analysis

Mekbib Haile and Matthias Kalkuhl

Adaptation to Climate Change and Food Security: Micro-evidence from Malawi

Asfaw Salomon


Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Safety Attributes of Bread in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria

Ayodele E. Fashogbon

Price formation within hybrid organisational structures: the case of the South African broiler industry

Davids, Meyer, Kirsten

Shocks, livestock assets and climate change adaptation in Kenya

Marter Ngigi


Assessing the effect of consumer purchasing criteria for types of rice in Togo A choice modeling approach

Rose Fiamohe et al

Asymmetric price transmission in food markets in the highlands of central Kenya

Lucy W Ngare et al

Adaptation to climate change under poverty, food security and gender perspective of rural maize-legume farmers in Kenya

Songporne Tongruksawattana


The effect of food related personality traits and lifestyle orientation on consumer’s behaviour related to extra virgin olive oil

Ahmed YANGUI et al

Fundamentals of Cattle Marketing in Southwest, Nigeria: Analyzing Market Intermediaries, Price Formation and Yield Performance

Mafimisebi T. E

A Micro-Level Analysis of Vulnerability to Climate Change by Smallholder Farmers in Semi-Arid Areas of Zimbabwe

Eness P Mutsvangwa-Sammie et al


How does Market Access affect Smallholder Behaviour? The Case of Tobacco Marketing in Malawi

Wouter Zant

How Responsive to Prices is the Supply of Milk in Malawi?

Cesar Revoredo-Giha et al

Empirical Analysis of the Environmental Benefits of Compliance with GLOBALGAP Standards Among Smallholder Farmers in Eastern and Central Kenya: An Environmental Valuation Approach

Wanderi J. Karira et al.


Are food supply chains in Africa geared for origin based foods:Evidence from Southern Africa

Melissa van der Merwe and Johann Kirsten

Price transmission Analysis and Associated Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Agricultural Markets: What Does the Literature Say?

Joseph Amikuzuno and Kolawole Ogundari

Environmental impacts of commercial agriculture in Nigeria: a review.

Dan Oyoboh and Alufohai G.O et al






Cesar 8

Amphi Cesar

Cesar 4


Theme: Les politiques de modernisation de l'agriculture

Theme: Climate, environment, conservation

Theme: Analysing input markets



Chair: Mary Kipsat

Chair: Samuel Asuming-Prempong


Problématique semencière dans la riziculture Africaine : Accès et demande des semences améliorées par les producteurs et perspectives pour améliorer le système

Kinkingninhoun-Medagbe et al

Enhancing Smallholder Farmers Income and Food Security through Agricultural Research and Development in West Africa: Impact of the IAR4D[1] in the KKM PLS

Adeolu Ayanwale et al

Do Organic Inputs in SSA Agriculture Raise Productivity? Evidence from Plot Data of Malawi Household Surveys

Zant, Wouter


Impact de la production de semence riz sur le rendement et le revenu des ménages agricoles : Une étude de cas du Bénin

Aminou Arouna and Aliou Diagne

Impact of Export Horticulture Farming on Food Security of Smallholder Farmers in Mbooni and Kirinyaga counties, Kenya

Jane Chege et al

Maize seed sector development and variety diffusion in Eastern Africa

Hugo De Groote et al


Impact de l’utilisation des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication sur la commercialisation du riz local au Bénin

Gildas M. Adjovi

Household food security and commercialization among smallholder farmers in Kenya

Lilian Kirimi et al

Commercializing African agriculture through increased productivity: assessing the role of formal and informal credit using mixed methods

Mamudu Akudugu


Impact ex-ante de la strategie nationale pour le développement de la riziculture au Benin

Allodehou Amos et al

Urbanization and Poverty Reduction – The Role of Rural Diversification and Secondary Towns

Luc Christiaensen et al

Smallholder Demand for Maize Hybrids and Selective Seed Subsidies in Zambia

Melinda Smale and Ekin Birol


Effets du conseil à l’exploitation familiale (cef) sur les performances économiques des exploitations bénéficiaires à banikoara au Nord-Benin

Ayena et al

Persistence of Small Farms and Associated Poverty Levels in Nigeria: Case for Commercialization of Small Farms.

Dayo Apata

Health Effects of Pesticide Use among Vegetable farmer in Kenya

Ibrahim Macharia et al


Typologie et rentabilite économique des exploitations agricoles participant au conseil à l’exploitation familiale

Ayena et al

Explaining rural poverty persistence in Tunisia from the perspective of path dependence theory

Safa Ben Hadj Mbarek Mkacher

Marginal value of irrigation water in wheat production systems of central Tunisia

Aymen Frija et al






Cesar 4

Cesar 6

Cesar 7


Theme: Farm efficiency analyses

Theme: Farm non-farm linkages

Theme: Technology adoption


Chair: Francis Mwaijande

Chair: Innocent Matshe

Chair: Oliver Kirui


Options and impact of crop production specialization on small-scale farms in the north of Burundi

Niragira S., et al

Scenario simulation of small farms’ production efficiencies in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Sunday Hosu & Melusi Sibanda

Hybrid maize adoption and income diversification in Zambia: findings of a household survey

Petan Hamazakaza et al


Unravelling the potential of neglected tree species for income generation: The case of Catha edulis in West Shewa zone of Ethiopia

Amos Gyau et al

Climate, international trade and crop biodiversity in West Africa Countries

Christian Aboua

Agricultural Technology Adoption, Market Participation and Rural Farming Households’ Welfare in Nigeria

Awotide, B.A et al


Explaining investments in sustainable land management: The role of various income sources in the smallholder farming systems of western Kenya

Tanui Joseph et al

Comparative analysis of maize storage structures in Kenya

Nduku, Tabitha M et al

Agricultural technology adoption and rice varietal diversity: A Local Average Treatment Effect (LATE) Approach for rural Benin

Bonou Alice et al


Farmers Preferences for Cassava Variety Traits: Empirical Evidence from Ghana

Patricia Pinamang Acheampong et al

Adding values as a value adding technique

DP Troskie

Consumers’ willingness to pay for labelled and certified Moringa products in Ogun state, Nigeria

Oluwakemi Adeola Obayelu


Factors influencing farmers’ choice to sell milled versus unmilled rice

Florence Nakazi et al

Expanding pulse production in Mozambique: identifying constraints and new strategies

Gungulu, Louw

Adoption of Genetically Modified Crops in South Africa: Effects on wholesale maize prices

Edward Mabaya and Babatunde Abidoye 


Do land ownership and contract farming matter? Evidence from a large-scale investment in Ghana

Susanne Johanna Väth and Michael Kirk

An analysis of the effects of agricultural output commercialization on household welfare in Osun State of Nigeria

A.O. Adejobi and C.A. Akinola

Smallholder Choice of Compliance Arrangements: The Case GlobalGAP adoption by French Bean Farmers in Kirinyaga, Mbooni and Buuri/Laikipia Districts.

Mary Nthambi et al






Cesar 8

Amphi Cesar

Cesar 1


Theme: Les contraintes du développement durable en agriculture

Theme: Farm non-farm linkages

Theme: Farm efficiency analyses


Chair: Aminou Arouna

Chair: Godwin Abu

Chair: Faical Akaichi


Potentiel de réduction de rabattement d’une nappe dans un périmètre irrigué privé: Cas de la région du Nadhour au centre de la Tunisie

Sassi Mohamed Taher et al

Fertilizer subsidies and voting behaviour: Political economy dimensions of input subsidy programs

Nicole Mason et al


Impact of Collective Action on the smallholder agricultural commercialization and incomes: Experiences from Kenya

Oliver K .Kirui and Georgina W.Njiraini


L’Agriculture Irriguée face au Risque : Optimisation et Adaptation des Choix Productifs

Fraj Chemac et al

South Africa’s economy-wide effects as result of increased total factor productivity (TFP) on the country’s agricultural sector: a preliminary investigation

Bonani Nyhodo et al

Resource productivity analysis of small scale root and tuber crop farmers in Niger state, Nigeria

Ojo M.A et al


Modélisation simultanée de la perception et de l’adaptation au changement climatique: Cas des producteurs de maïs du Nord-Bénin

Ghislain D. B

Out of pocket payments and the utilization of healthcare services among farmers in Oyo state

Awoyemi T.T et al

Labor-savings of Roundup Ready Maize: Impact on Cost and Input Substitution for South African Smallholders

Gregory K. Regier et al


Adaptation au changement climatique et durabilite economique de l’agriculture: Cas de la production du maïs dans le Nord Benin

Aihouton Ghislain et al

Infrastructure, services, and smallholder income growth: evidence from Kenyan panel data

Jordan Chamberlin

Factors affecting efficiency of field crops production among the resettled farmers in Shamva District of Zimbabwe

L. Musemwa et al


Valorisation des sous produits de conserverie : Cas des graines de tomates

Amalou D et al

Economic sustainability of short food supply chain in the Italian olive oil sector: a viable alternative for Tunisian agrofood market?

Finco Adele et al

Cropping Intensification and Technical Inefficiency of Maize-Based Farming Households in Southern-Guinea Savanna (SGS) of Nigeria

Salau, S.A


Capture et commercialisation de poissons issus de la pêche traditionnelle à la senne de plage au Togo

Adabe K. Edoh et al

Economics of harvesting and marketing selected indigenous fruits in Mwingi district, Kenya

C.M. Mwema et al

Knowledge, Adoption and Use Intensity of Improved Maize Technologies in Ethiopia

Moti Jaleta et al



1600 - 1800



Cesar 4

Cesar 6

Cesar 7


Theme: Climate, environment, conservation

Theme: Technology adoption

Theme: Input use, input markets


Chair: George Owuor

Chair: Alice Bonou

Chair: Melinda Smale


Commercialising agriculture in Africa: social, economic and environmental impacts

Chamisa Innocent, and Mapupa Aaron

Determinants of Farmers’ Preferences for alternative Trypanosomosis Control Technologies among Smallholder Dairy cattle farms in Busia County, Kenya

J. I. Mose et al

Assessing the Impacts of Zimbabwe’s Agricultural Vouchers Input Program

Machiweyi Kunzekweguta et al


Estimating the causal effect of improved fallows on farmer welfare using robust identification strategies in Chongwe - Zambia

Elias Kuntashula and Eric Mungatana

The Integrated Agricultural Research for Development (IAR4D) and its Impacts on marketed crops:  Data Analysis of the Kano-Katsina-Maradi Pilot Learning Site

Luke Olarinde et al

The Changing Structure of the Maize Seed Industry in Zambia: Prospects for Orange Maize

Melinda Smale et al


An Analysis of Returns to Integrated Soil Conservation Practices in the Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya

Daniel Kyallo Willy et al

Drivers of Technology Adoption in a Subsistence Economy: The case of Tissue Culture Bananas in Western Kenya

 Langat Bernard et al

Assessment of Metal Silo Business Up-Take among the CIMMYT-Trained Artisans in Kenya

Michael K. Ndegwa et al


Determinants and Extent of Use of Minimum Tillage Practices among Zambian Smallholder Crop Farmers from 2008 to 2012

Hambulo Ngoma et al

Factors Influencing Adoption of Tissue Culture Banana in Western Kenya

 Wanyama, J. Masinde et al

Effect of credit constraint on profit of small scale rice-based farmers in Niger state

Odu O. O. and Okoruwa V.O


Gender differentiated motivation for coastal forest conservation: the case of Lower Tana River Forest

Marter Ngigi et al

Agricultural trade for food security in Africa: A Ricardian model approach

Mandiaye Diagne et al

Impact of Collective Marketing by Cocoa Farmers’ Organizations in Cameroon

Kamdem Cyrille Bergaly et al


Maize Innovation for Climate Change Adaptation: Insights from Rural Nigeria

Justice A. Tambo

Interaction patterns determining improved information and knowledge sharing among smallholder farmers participating in field-based learning alliances in eastern Zimbabwe

Mashavave T. et al

Drivers of Collective Action and the Welfare Gains of such Initiatives among smallholder farmers: Experiences from Kenya

Oliver K .Kirui






Venue 1

Venue 2

Venue 3


Theme: Les enjeux de la compétitivité de l'agriculture

Theme: Consumption, demand


Theme: Prices, price formation and price transmission


Chair: Taher Akkari

Chair: Melissa van der Merwe

Chair: Lucy W Ngare


Dynamique de la competitivite externe de l’agriculture au Benin : Analyse par une approche dynamique synthétique

Oloukoï Laurent et al

Do Source and Quality matter in the Demand for Imported Rice in Côte d’Ivoire?

Jeanne Y. Coulibaly

A panel cointegration analysis and dynamic causality test of agricultural supply response to prices: The case of rice in West Africa

K. Ogundari and T. Nanseki


Mesures de politique agricole et compétitivité interne de l’agriculture au Benin

Oloukoï Laurent et al

Rethinking Africa’s Food Policy in Terms of Rights

Ayoola GB

How does food supply respond to high and volatile international food prices? An empirical evaluation of inter- and intra- seasonal global crop acreage response

Mekbib G. Haile et al


Analyse conjointe de la préférence des consommateurs d’ananas frais au Benin

Kinkpe A. Thierry et al

Hidden hunger or knowledge hunger? Nutritional knowledge, diet diversity and micronutrient intake in Rwanda: The case of Vitamin A

Julius Okello et al

What are the effects of input subsidy programs on equilibrium maize prices?  Evidence from Malawi and Zambia.

Jacob Ricker-Gilbert et al


Analyse économique des chaînes de valeurs des crevettes au Bénin (Cas du lac Ahémé)

Abdul-Baaki. Bankolé et al

Assesment of consumer perception and demand for bio-fortified sweetpotato-based biscuits: The case of Akarabo Golden Power  biscuit in Rwanda

Julius Okello et al

The Role of a Warehouse Receipt System in an Agricultural Commodity Exchange. A Case Study of the Malawian Agricultural Commodity Exchange

A. van der Vyver and A. Nordier


Analyse des systèmes de commercialisation de la corète potagère (Corchorus olitorius L.) produite à Agbédranfo au Sud-Ouest du Bénin (Département du Couffo)

Ir. Komlan C et al

Can Biofortified Orange Fleshed Sweetpotato Make Commercially Viable Products and Help in Combatting Vitamin A Deficiency?

Kirimi Sindi et al

Value chain analysis of indigenous vegetables from Malawi and Mozambique

Takemore Chagomoka et al


Effets des caractéristiques démographiques et économiques des consommateurs sur la perception de la qualité des viandes en Tunisie

Dhraief M.Z et al

Productivity gaps among smallholder groundnut farmers: a comparative analysis for Uganda and Kenya

Cresensia Asekenye et al

Price Variability, Co-integration and Leadership in the Market for Locally Produced Rice: A Case Study of Southwest Zone of Nigeria

Mafimisebi, T.E






Venue 4

Venue 5

Venue 6


Theme: Climate, environment, conservation, food security

Theme: Farm non-farm linkages

Theme: Farm efficiency analyses


Chair: Oliver Lee Mbatia

Chair: Philip Nyangweso

Chair: Michael Ndegwa


Sustainable Agricultural Intensification: The Role of Cardamom Agroforestry in the East Usambaras, Tanzania

Bullock Renee et al

Sweet Potato Marketing Among Smallholder Farmers: The Role of Collective Action

Eric Mukundi et al

An assessment of the economics of cassava processing in Kwara state, Nigeria

Muhammad-Lawal et al


Staple Food Price Volatility and Its Policy Implications in Kenya

Nzuma M. Jonathan et al

Effects of Economic Growth, Trade Openness, Deforestation and Agricultural Trade on African Environmental Quality (1960-2008): A 2SLS Approach

Onoja et al

Does contract farming improve smallholder farmers’ income? The case of avocado farming in Kenya

Mwambi Mercy et al


A cross-region study: climate change adaptation in Malawi’s agro-based systems

Maganga M. Assa et al

Policy Innovation and Nigerian Cocoa Market Integration

Joshua Olusegun Ajetomobi

Does Conservation Agriculture Enhance Household Food Security? Evidence from Smallholder Farmers in Nkhotakota in Malawi

Wanangwa Nyambose and Charles B.L. Jumbe


Food insecurity status of rural households during the post planting season in Nigeria

Abimbola O. Adepoju et al

Prospects of Agriculture Enterprise for Sustainable Economic Development: Success Story of University of Ilorin Moringa Value-Addition Activities

Animashaun, J.O

Rice trade protectionism versus liberalization in Nigeria: a CGE analysis of economic and welfare effects

Ogheneruemu Obi-Egbedi et al



Determinants of Food Insecurity in Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia

Ejigayhu Sisay  and  Abdi-Khalil Edriss

Challenges and Lessons in Commercializing Irrigated Agriculture in 

Nigeria: Case Study of Lower Anambra Irrigation Project Amaechina et al

Value chain analysis of smallholder snap bean production in Kirinyaga county, Kenya

Odero D.O et al


Commercialization of Under-Utilized Plant Species in Zimbabwe: The Case of Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) in Mutoko District.

Kingstone Mujeyi et al

Factors affecting the hedging decision of maize farmers in Gauteng province

Maine Mofokeng and Nick Vink

Private Foreign Investment, Agricultural Growth and Market Efficiency in African Agriculture:  Lessons from the Zambian Sugar Sector

Brian Chisanga et al