4th AAAE Conference – Draft Programme

Poster Paper Session


Day 3: Poster paper Session

1400 – 1530

Tuesday 24 September

Venue 2

Venue 3

Venue 4

Chair: Mary Mathenge

Chair: Ekin Birol

Chair: Nadhem Mtimet

Energy consumption of rural farming households in Kwara state, Nigeria

Khadijat Olatinwo et al

Economic efficiency of rice production in smallholder irrigation schemes: a case of Nkhate irrigation scheme in southern Malawi

R. Magreta et al.

Spatial integration of Vegetable Markets in West Africa: Case of Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) between Benin and Burkina Faso

Adeoti, R et al


The Rice Market in East Africa

Joseph Nzomoi and Ian Anderson

Economic Efficiency and Subsidized farm Inputs: Evidence from Malawi maize Farmers

Francis Darko and Jacob Ricker-Gilbert

Viability Analysis of Smallholder Cotton Production under Contract Farming in Zimbabwe

Kingstone Mujeyi

Financement de l’agriculture a hauteur de 10% du budget national selon les accords de Maputo : quel impact sur le niveau de pauvrete des menages en milieu rural au Benin?

Laurent Oloukoï et al.

Modeling Nigerian Government Revenues and Total Expenditure: An Error Correction Model Approach

Opeyemi Ayinde et al


Livelihood vulnerability and migration decision making nexus: the case of rural farm households in Nigeria

O.W. Osawe


Food security and vulnerability in drought prone northern state of Nigeria:

Nuruddeen Mohammed Lawal

A Gendered Analysis of the Effect of Peanut Value Addition on Household Income in Rongo and Ndhiwa Districts of Kenya

R.N. Wanyama et al

Irrigation water use efficiency in central Tunisian’s wheat production systems:  A stochastic data envelopment approach

Ali Chebil et al

Potential uptake determinants of climate-smart push-pull technology in drier agro-ecological zones of eastern Africa

Murage A.W et al

Impact of rice innovation on the Health and Education on Farm Households in Selected States in Nigeria

V.E.T. Ojehomon et al

Analysis of palm oil prices in Ini local government area of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria

N.E. Tiku et al

Socio-economic determinants of commercialization among small holder farmers in Abia state, Nigeria

N.M. AGWU et al

 Policy Imperatives of Commercial Transformation of Smallholders:  Market Orientation Versus market Participation in Ethiopia

Berhanu Gebremedhin and  Moti Jaleta

Alleviating food insecurity and landlessness through pelis in Kenya

Paul Okelo Odwori et al.


Marketing Efficiency and Determinants of Marketable Surplus in Vegetable Production in Kwara State, Nigeria

Adenuga A. H et al

The Determinants of Libyan Red Meat Import Demand Equation For the Period (1970-2010)

Khaled MR Elbeydi


Who benefits more from NERICA varieties? Gender differential impact on yield and income in Benin

Kinkingninhoun-Medagbe et al


Contribution of traditional food products (Oil palm) to food security and income of rural communities in Southern Benin

Adetonah. S et al

Do Veterinary Paraprofessionals Provide Quality Veterinary Services? Results from a Role Play Experiment in Rural Uganda

John Ilukor and Regina Birner

African Leafy Vegetables and Household Wellbeing in Kenya: A Disaggregation by Gender

S.N. Mwaura et al

Determinants of participation in identified institutional arrangements in Kenya’s export French bean sector

Florence N. Ondieki-Mwaura

Evaluation économique de la dégradation de l’eau d’irrigation  Etude de cas: La région de Korba

Ayoub Faouzi et al

The impact of Migrant Remittances on the Technical Efficiency of Arable Crop Farm Households  in South Eastern Nigeria

O. R Iheke et al

Off-farm Income and Fertilizer Investments By Smallholder Farmers in Kenya

Mary K. Mathenge and Melinda Smale

Demand for dairy products in Malawi

Faical Akaichi and Cesar Revoredo-Giha


Comparative Analysis of Resource Use Efficiency among Various Production Scale Operators in Cassava-Based Mixed Cropping Systems of Ogun and Oyo States of South west, Nigeria

A. E. Obayelu et al


Day 3: Poster paper Session

1400 – 1530

Tuesday 24 September

Venue 5

Venue 6

Chair: Lulama Traub

Chair: Dirk Troskie

Determinants of Relief Seed Use and Crop Productivity among Vulnerable Households in Zimbabwe

Machiweyi Kunzekweguta et al

L’impact du développement agricole sur la sécurité alimentaire durable en Afrique

Imen Turki Abdelhedi

Characterization of smallholder pig production systems in Uganda: constraints and opportunities for engaging with market systems

Emily Ouma et al

Gender Analysis and Approaches to Gender Responsive Extension to Promote Quality Protein Maize (QPM) in Ethiopia

Kidist Gebreselassie et al

Land rights and farm investment in Ghana: the missing link in the operationalisation of tenure security

Michael Ayamga and Fred Dzanku

Cost benefit analysis of certified cocoa production in Ondo state, Nigeria

Oseni et al

Climate Change Impact on Smallholder Farmers in the White Volta Basin of the Upper East Region of Ghana

Joseph Amikuzuno

Analysing policy-induced effects on irrigated rice performance

Ali A. Touré et al

Innovation Adoption, Farm Productivity and Poverty Status of Rural Smallholder Farm Households in South-East, Nigeria

Onwuchekwa Raphael Iheke and Jude Chukwudi Nwaru

Livelihood factors influencing market participation and supply volumes decisions among smallholder cattle farmers in the Okhahlamba Local Municipality, South Africa: Implications for agricultural extension programming

Jorine T. Ndoro et al

Integrating subsistence producers from developing and emerging countries with the world market: the roles of Reactive and Proactive market orientation

Souleïmane A. Adekambi et al

Analyse de la compétitivité de la chaîne de valeur ajoutée crevette fraîche et crevette fumée du Bénin

F. Aquilas et al

Exploring use of livestock wealth and social capital by pastoral and agro-households in ASALs

Stanley Karanja Ng’ang’a

Determinants of Forest Resources Uses and Its Implications for Environmental Sustainability in Nigeria

Fakayode, S.B et al

Farmers and neigbours’ perception of environmental, social and economic effects of commercial livestock production

Ogunlade, I et al

Commercializing Agriculture in Africa: The Environmental, Health and Safety Implications and the Way Forward.

S.T. Olowogbon et al

Irrigation Technology, Technical and Resource-use Efficiencies in Smallholder Urban Vegetable Farming in Lagos State, Nigeria

Oluwakemi Adeola Obayelu et al

An assessment of the response of aggregate supply of food crops in Nigeria (1975-2008).

Abu. G.A, Mohammed et al

Process and Constraint Analysis of paraprofessionals´ regulation and legalization: The Case of Uganda.

C. F.  A Yenah

Factors affecting efficiency of field crop production among resettled farmers in Zimbabwe

L. Musemwa et al

Analyse Du Systeme De Commercialisation De L’ananas Frais Au Benin.

Houessionon Prosper and al.

Measuring and analysing poverty in Africa: lessons from rural consumption expenditure from yam growing areas in Nigeria and Ghana

D. B. Mignouna , T. Abdoulaye, A. Alene and R. Asiedu